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DCHammond, Inc.
205 S. Scoville
Oak Park, IL 60302
P: 708-383-8040
M: 708-902-3969
F: 708-383-9722
E: David@DCHammond.com
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Marketing is as challenging as training…with the added dimension of persuasion. I write a lot of material that’s designed to persuade people to do something, buy something or believe something.

I worked with Rick Meredith’s Chicago MultiMedia to write a video that demonstrates the total coolness and immense capability of these gigantic articulated trucks. To see this video, go to: http://cmmlink.com/Videos/ADT.wvx

Blue AirBlue Air
With Martin Baumgartner and Angle Park, I wrote this point-of-purchase video for an innovative air purifier. To see this video, go to: http://www.anglepark.com:80/projects_64.html

I’ve been writing for Motorola since the mid-80s, and with The Swift Media Group I’ve written a number of internal communications pieces designed to market products and programs to Motorola dealers, who are customers of Motorola two-way and broadband solutions. To find out about a dealer promotions program I helped concept and communicate to the field, click here

Beltone Audiology
In 2010, with Keystone Creative and Tango Productions developed internal marketing piece designed to inform international employees about advances in audiology and new wireless aids designed to help wearers more easily hear the television, telephone and computer. (Video to come soon)

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