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Talking While I Eat: Radio Broadcasts

On Worldview, Chicago Public Radio (91.5FM), I talk about food with people who live to eat. Here are a series of links; when you get to the WBEZ.org site, just click the right facing arrow to hear the broadcast.

Piratical unpasteurized cheese! Criminal camembert!
For centuries, Europeans have enjoyed unpasteurized cheeses, said to be tastier and more nuanced than their heat-treated brethren. To prevent the growth of dangerous pathogens like salmonella and E. coli, the U.S. government requires that raw milk cheese age for at least 60 days. A growing number of American cheese lovers swear by unpasteurized cheese and call the federal regulations unnecessary. I did a side-by-side taste test of raw and unpasteurized camembert and talked to some cheesemongers and a University of Chicago food and drug attorney to get their perspectives on why unpasteurized milk cheese tastes better…and how we might address the health issues involved. Listen to this segment »

Eating Sustainable Seafood in Chicago
We’ve always thought of the seas as holding limitless reserves of fish. Recently, however, the World Health Organization has reported that fishing areas worldwide have apparently reached their maximum potential, with the majority of stocks now close to fully exploited. Meanwhile, consumption of fish is increasing. I talked to people at the Shedd, Kendall College and at local restaurants to help gain an understanding of the challenges facing those of us who want to eat sustainable seafood – and make sure it’s around for our grandchildren to enjoy. Listen to this segment »

On Eight Forty-Eight, Chicago Public Radio (91.5FM), I’m doing a continuing series of Soundbites that examine the way chefs use sound in their restaurants. When you get to the site, just click the right facing arrow to hear the broadcast.